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Using Haptics for Directional Hearing Part 5a: Results!

After a little bit of modification to both the circuit and the code, I HAVE RESULTS! This set up has the motor in the diagram responding to sounds. I think a little bit of calibration in the script will make it work spectacularly. I am officially at the tinkering step. I will give updates on the calibration as it goes on.

Here is the working diagram:

Microphone Test: SUCCESSFUL!

Microphone Test: SUCCESSFUL!

Here is the working code:

On second thought… Maybe I will make an adjustable calibrator for different situations…

Using Haptics for Directional Hearing Part 5: Test Set Up and Code

So, once I made the decision to move to digital I had to re-work my plan from analog to Digital. To this end I have reconfigured the circuit to use an Arduino Uno. First I am going to perform a simple microphone test to ensure that an LED will vary in brightness based on the input of a microphone. This will allow me to approximate what changes I will see from the vibration motor when I reach that stage of testing.

Here is the Fritzing diagram of the test set up.

Fritzing Diagram of Hearing Aid

The circuit: Fritz’d for your viewing pleasure.

So, a brief overview: the microphone has a 1K ohm pull up resistor and an input line to Analog pin 0. The code will then take this value and modulate it with PWM to the output of Pin 5 which will provide power to an LED via a 1K ohm resistor. For reference, the code is below:

Ideally, if set up correctly, the LED will vary in brightness based on the level of the sound the microphone picks up. I will be testing this over the next day or so; hopefully I will have some good news.

If you have any questions or ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Using Haptics for Directional Hearing part 4: Analog to Digital

After much confusion and fighting with the Analog circuit I had proposed before I, after discussion with a colleague, decided to move to a digital representation. So, now, my goal is to use an Arduino to do the circuit control. I’m currently working on a test script and fritzing diagrams to make this work better. I’ll have updates within the next couple of days, and we will see how things are going.

Hopefully, we will have a working prototype.

Pokemon Go: A Cultural Revolution

Pokemon Go has been an amazing cultural revolution. In a span of less than a week people have started moving around more, socializing, getting outside, and it has even been revitalizing smaller down towns.

Police departments across the country are encouraging safe play, and giving advice to players to make sure everything works out well. It truly is an amazing thing! My only piece of advice for anyone who wants to get out, make friends, exercise with a purpose, and have a great time doing all of that is to make sure you keep an eye and ear out for your surroundings. It doesn’t take a Pokemon Professor to know that you shouldn’t Pokemon Go and Drive, and that you should make sure you know where you are and your surroundings. If you’re unable to do that, make sure you put your phone down when you’re moving (walking, driving, biking, etc.) and just catch ’em all at stops with some Lure Modules.

Now, go join a social and health (and gaming) revolution! You’ll be glad you did.


I have heard a lot of flak given to those who say “All Lives Matter”. With analogies to fixing a broken bone before the skeletal system and feeding the least fed person at the table, which are both efforts that need solving; yet it must also be said that you don’t fix one bone by breaking others, nor do you feed one person by starving another. Both of these problems are solved by fixing the system in which the break or the starvation occurred.
I’ve heard the response that those who feel that “All Lives Matter” should respond to why they do not believe that we should have Universal Healthcare, or find a resolution to the homeless problem in our country. These are good questions for someone who would appear to believe in an egalitarian world. However, there are people claiming that “All lives matter” who are countering racism with supremacy; but this is not the way to handle the problem.
I find that there are a good number of people who believe strongly that we need Universal Healthcare, and homes and food for all. We need a society that no matter the color of your skin, your creed, your sexuality, or your appearance, nor anything for that matter, should diminish one’s right to exist, peacefully, and live in a compassionate way. All people, and I do mean ALL people, should be free to pursue a happy and prosperous existence, free from discrimination, free from prejudice, and, most of all, measured on their merits.
Each person, from birth, has the same potential to succeed, and each person should be given the tools and conditions to make that potential a reality. Different situations yield different successes; some people will be farmers and presidents, others will be engineers and groundskeepers. What we need to realize as a people is that all jobs, no matter their responsibility, are important and have their place.
We have an amazing world full of amazing people all with amazing potential, yet it seems like all we can do is shoot at each other and spread a message of hate and intolerance. No one should be shooting anyone; no one should hate anyone. We should fight to make this world what we want it to be, to make this world a paragon of equality and loving-kindness, not turn it into something worse than it already is.
Maybe a better way is to believe that all of our lives are important. We are all in need of understanding and kindness. We are all very capable of giving understanding and kindness. Perhaps this is how we should move forward into the world. With peace, and with compassion.