I have heard a lot of flak given to those who say “All Lives Matter”. With analogies to fixing a broken bone before the skeletal system and feeding the least fed person at the table, which are both efforts that need solving; yet it must also be said that you don’t fix one bone by breaking others, nor do you feed one person by starving another. Both of these problems are solved by fixing the system in which the break or the starvation occurred.
I’ve heard the response that those who feel that “All Lives Matter” should respond to why they do not believe that we should have Universal Healthcare, or find a resolution to the homeless problem in our country. These are good questions for someone who would appear to believe in an egalitarian world. However, there are people claiming that “All lives matter” who are countering racism with supremacy; but this is not the way to handle the problem.
I find that there are a good number of people who believe strongly that we need Universal Healthcare, and homes and food for all. We need a society that no matter the color of your skin, your creed, your sexuality, or your appearance, nor anything for that matter, should diminish one’s right to exist, peacefully, and live in a compassionate way. All people, and I do mean ALL people, should be free to pursue a happy and prosperous existence, free from discrimination, free from prejudice, and, most of all, measured on their merits.
Each person, from birth, has the same potential to succeed, and each person should be given the tools and conditions to make that potential a reality. Different situations yield different successes; some people will be farmers and presidents, others will be engineers and groundskeepers. What we need to realize as a people is that all jobs, no matter their responsibility, are important and have their place.
We have an amazing world full of amazing people all with amazing potential, yet it seems like all we can do is shoot at each other and spread a message of hate and intolerance. No one should be shooting anyone; no one should hate anyone. We should fight to make this world what we want it to be, to make this world a paragon of equality and loving-kindness, not turn it into something worse than it already is.
Maybe a better way is to believe that all of our lives are important. We are all in need of understanding and kindness. We are all very capable of giving understanding and kindness. Perhaps this is how we should move forward into the world. With peace, and with compassion.