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Sailboats and Plans

One of the things I’ve always loved doing is being on the water. I like floating in tubes down rivers, kayaking rapids, motoring around creeks, and sailing across bays (quick side note: I should probably learn how to swim better than I can… I mostly sink). I, recently, reached a milestone of my life, the first of two great days in a life: I bought a boat. She’s a Universal Marine Montego 25 sailboat, and she will be the boat that prepares my family for our next big life change (announcement pending).

She needs some reupholstering, a little bit of elbow grease, and some electrical tape; as she is, however, she sails, she floats, and she can keep the water out. Perfect boat to start on, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to showing my wife, and kids, the ropes of a sailboat.

In a season or two, I’m sure we’ll want to upgrade to a bigger cruiser (especially with 3 kids), but for now. I think she’ll do just fine.

I’m hoping to go through and blog the whole process of cleaning her up with pictures and videos.

Pokemon Go: A Cultural Revolution

Pokemon Go has been an amazing cultural revolution. In a span of less than a week people have started moving around more, socializing, getting outside, and it has even been revitalizing smaller down towns.

Police departments across the country are encouraging safe play, and giving advice to players to make sure everything works out well. It truly is an amazing thing! My only piece of advice for anyone who wants to get out, make friends, exercise with a purpose, and have a great time doing all of that is to make sure you keep an eye and ear out for your surroundings. It doesn’t take a Pokemon Professor to know that you shouldn’t Pokemon Go and Drive, and that you should make sure you know where you are and your surroundings. If you’re unable to do that, make sure you put your phone down when you’re moving (walking, driving, biking, etc.) and just catch ’em all at stops with some Lure Modules.

Now, go join a social and health (and gaming) revolution! You’ll be glad you did.