So, once I made the decision to move to digital I had to re-work my plan from analog to Digital. To this end I have reconfigured the circuit to use an Arduino Uno. First I am going to perform a simple microphone test to ensure that an LED will vary in brightness based on the input of a microphone. This will allow me to approximate what changes I will see from the vibration motor when I reach that stage of testing.

Here is the Fritzing diagram of the test set up.

Fritzing Diagram of Hearing Aid

The circuit: Fritz’d for your viewing pleasure.

So, a brief overview: the microphone has a 1K ohm pull up resistor and an input line to Analog pin 0. The code will then take this value and modulate it with PWM to the output of Pin 5 which will provide power to an LED via a 1K ohm resistor. For reference, the code is below:

Ideally, if set up correctly, the LED will vary in brightness based on the level of the sound the microphone picks up. I will be testing this over the next day or so; hopefully I will have some good news.

If you have any questions or ideas, leave them in the comments below.