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Black Lives Matter
Reason and Understanding are the Arms of the Soul.

Welcome to my humble wiki! Here you will find fun articles about the following:

  • Security Topics
  • Technical Topics
  • Random Topics
  • Build write-ups
  • ???
  • AND MORE!!!

Feel free to Contact me if you want to know more!

Current Projects

Homelab Tutorials
A series of articles regarding setting up a simple, and virtual, homelab. This can be done with most modern computers, even a laptop will suffice.
A series of scripts and sporadic documentation of how to use them. I throw these together when I need them for something or when I get a good idea.
These are articles I have written for the blog, or that have been published.
Security challenges, programming challenges, maker challenges. These are designed to give a task, and for the individual making the attempt to evaluate themselves. Solutions are presented for some challenges.
Write Ups
Write ups for vulnerable machines, exploits, build logs, etc.
The very forums associated with this website.