Successful Attacks: Conclusion

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Successful attacks, as distinct from complete attacks, come in five phases. Reconnaissance allows the attacker to gather information need to complete Network Scanning. With a successful Network Scan, the attacker will be able to Gain and Maintain Access to the target network. Once the attacker has completed their actions while Access was Maintained the attacker will Cover their Tracks and the attack will be complete.

Luckily, there are often steps that can be taken to mitigate these actions before they occur, or even defend against them as they are happening. A prepared operations or security response team can make all the difference. Every operations team should, occasionally, engage in security drills where one member is assigned to be the attacker (ideally on a development or testing environment that mimics the production environment), and the rest defend against the attack. This will ensure that the associated teams are well prepared and experienced in the event of an actual attack.

This guide is not an exhaustive reference. It is an overview that should only be used as a reference, or as an introduction for new operations/security professionals.